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Favourite outfits → Carmilla Karnstein


Carmilla ‘I come from the pits of Hell but my face was made in Heaven’ Karnstein

It’s not flannel, guys. It’s silk, goddamnit.
Natasha Negovanlis on the plaid shirt she wore for Carmilla. (via dorkusdash)




flyingflesheater replied to your post: “molly and i talked hogwarts houses for the carmilla characters last week. what are your feels on the subject?”:

i will take your opinion into consideration

I want to know what y’all came up with

Laura- I can see Hufflepuff or Gryffindor easily, but i have very recently (as in, i just thought of it in the shower) fallen in love with the idea of Legacy!Slytherin Laura. (Her dad was Head Boy his final year)

Carmilla- I was initially stumped by Carmilla because we really hadnt had a great look at her at that point. At the time I said that magical creatures weren’t allowed wands and therefore she did not attend hogwarts. I have since rearranged my headcanon and now think that Ravenclaw would probably be the best fit, but i have a huge desire to see her in Gryffindor.

Danny- Gryffindor. Head girl and Quidditch Captain. She’s a keeper~

Lafontaine- Ravenclaw. Not a fan of the Alchemy Club.

Perry- Hufflepuff. Prefect.

Kirsch- Hufflepuff. Head boy and Quidditch Captain. Beater. He and Danny dont get on too well.

Will- Whatever house Laura is in. for plot reasons.

i mean…

I love the fact that Danny is without a doubt, a Gryffindor.

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"I hate danny x laura x carmilla. It’s obviously based on the book people -.-"

That trio is not based on the book.

I think “it” here means the series in general. If so…

I don’t ship it, but gods forbid anyone deviate from the book in any way. Remember that scene with a racist caricature of a black woman?

And all of Laura’s dad’s appearances?

And Laura wondering if Carmilla is a guy in drag?

And the peddler who offered to perform amature cosmetic dentistry on Carmilla?

And them not being openly queer girls at a 21st-century university?

It’s based on the book, but only in certain ways and places. The web series is a new tale for a new world. Honestly, that’s exactly what this book needed: female agency and non-pathologized homosexuality and…well, updating. It’s the story we need now- and queer women needed then but never got.

I want it to be still the story of Laura and Carmilla as an exclusive couple, but if it goes OT3, so be it. Worse things have been done in Carmilla adaptations, and that’s a small price to pay for such a brilliant retelling. 

 #very eloquently said #and you’ve nailed it #this is the feminist retelling #giving agency to laura #technically a continuation but heh

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They’ll make a lot more sense in the later episodes..

hotladypants about the (rather ominous) lyrics to ‘Love Will Have Its Sacrifices’ by Soles

and can I just say I am NOT in ANY SENSE ready for these upcoming episodes and I might die.

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Fasten your seatbelts cause heart hurt is coming

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